Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Charles Band wants to meet YOU!

Fangoria here we come!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend! We'll have a stand in the dealers room where I'll be hanging out most of the time plus I will be doing a presentation/show/performance at 7:00PM on Friday June 2nd!!! A few guests who will come up on stage are: Bill Moseley, Stuart Gordon, Barbara Cramptom, Robin Sydney and Kristyn Green! Plus there'll be some surprises! We'll also auction off a Blade puppet, a Jester and an Ooga-Booga (who just wrapped his 2nd film: EVIL BONG!!!)


ChongtheBong (229k image)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


From the makers of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter comes Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace, a new knuckle-dusting adventure starring Canada's favorite super spy, Harry Knuckles.

A valuable necklace has gone missing, and Harry is on the case. Teamed with his loyal friend El Santos, and armed with a lethal arsenal of kung-fu moves, a hair-trigger temper and a seemingly endless supply of potassium-rich bananas, Harry's ready to knuckle up against any and all comers.

Over the course of the film, Harry will go toe to toe with the hinterland horror of the Bionic Bigfoot, brave a binary beat-down in a booby-trapped virtual reality, manhandle some heavy metal thugs, and trounce a team of Amazon assassins. And he'd better make every punch count, because this could very well be the final round before he has to face the big eight-count in the sky.

As a bonus, this Special Edition DVD offers you—the audience—a chance to meet the uncompromising minds behind Harry's exploits in the all-new behind the scenes documentary, Pearls of Wisdom: Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace Unclasped.

Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace on DVD - it's a punch-drunk dream come true!

Website and Trailer:

Friday, May 26, 2006

More details about Argento's THE THIRD MOTHER

First, there was SUSPIRIA. Then, there was INFERNO. Then, there was... nothing. But now, Dario Argento looks to finally be completing the trilogy he began nearly thirty years ago.

The Three Mothers trilogy began in 1978's undisputed classic, SUSPIRIA. In the tale of a German ballet school being a front for a coven of witches, it was revealed that the head mistress was merely one of three such witches throughout the world. The second such witch was seen in Argento's New York-set follow-up, INFERNO.

(note: I stole that from, and boy... have they seen the movies? The Three Mothers are NEVER mentioned in Suspiria, only in Inferno, that talks about the death of Mother Suspiriori and actually SHOWS Mothers Tenebrarum - it's the gorgeous girl that breaks wind, literally, at the music school - and Lacrimarum).

Now, Argento returns to good old Rome for the much-delayed third installment, THE MOTHER OF TEARS. The script was written by the luckiest guys working in the biz, Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch.

(another note: WHAT? Luckiest GUYS? Jace Anderson is a WOMAN!!!!!)

I say this simply because of the number of great projects they've worked on in their few years in the biz. The duo was also responsible for Tobe Hooper's comeback, TOOLBOX MURDERS. They also recently worked on the film, BREW starring Angela Bettis (MAY, TOOLBOX MURDERS). Gierasch will also be soon making his directorial debut with the hospital-set shocker, AUTOPSY. The film does not sound like it is related to the French slasher from a few years back.

The project, which has been in the works for a while, was confirmed at the Cannes Film Festival. Dario's dad Claudio will produce with Giulia Marletta. The Italian production company Medusa will co-produce with a U.S. partner.

(And for strike 3, Claudio is his brother, not his dad! His dad died back when he was making Opera).

"This is going to be vintage Argento," Medusa's Giampaolo Letta told Variety, "Pretty strong stuff."

THE MOTHER OF TEARS will begin filming in June, and there's an interview with the screenwriters here.

UPDATE (from Cinema Nocturna): The latest I have heard now is that Argento wasn't pleased with the script written by Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch. He has since rewrote it himself. Filming is slated to start this June. For more on this, go to
SINGAPORE SLING Is Coming Tuesday!

Beautiful Anamorphic Transfer from Original Vault Materials. Trailer and Still Gallery

Check out Synapse Films' blog for a some great advance reviews of one of the most fucked up movies they ever released, SINGAPORE SLING.

This is one DVD that you're not going to find everywhere, but it's a damn good movie, as these reviews can attest.

More info at their Official Website.
Indie gore galore not for the squeamish - LITERALLY!

NFTS (Not For The Squeamish) Productions is an Independent Horror film group based out of St. Paul, Minnesota that utilizes every trick in the book to deliver good and gory digitally produced fright flicks on a shoestring budget. If you can even consider our tiny budgets as shoestring!

Founded by horror film fanatic and former "Lifestyles of the Bodily Dismembered" horror fanzine editor Jason Stephenson in late 2002 as a creative outlet from the daily grind. Not For The Squeamish has since become a collaborative partnership with long time friend and jack-of-all-trades, Jon Warner. The two of them oversee all aspects of each project from conception to completion!

Find out more @ NFTS Productions

Thursday, May 25, 2006

This June, Mondo Macabro wields Barry Prima and THE DEVIL'S SWORD on DVD!

Mondo Macabro has been proud to present classic Indonesian exploitation films on DVD in the past, and theyve always been some of our most popular releases. The cinema of Indonesia is one that Western audiences know little of, so introducing these one-of-a-kind films to new audiences is what Mondo Macabro is all about.

But whenever we put a new Indonesian film out, people keep asking us, Any plans to do Barry Prima movies? Like clockwork this happens, and now, were pleased to announce that our first Barry Prima action classic on DVD is one of his all-time masterpieces, THE DEVIL'S SWORD!

For years fans have been forced to contend with crappy full frame bootlegs that make the film look cheap. Well, its time to finally throw those boots away, because Mondo Macabro has done THE DEVIL'S SWORD right on DVD in a special edition that were proud to say is one of our best!

Somewhere in time, in a land far away, an ancient wizard forged a deadly sword from the hot metal of a fallen meteorite. This sword is filled with magical energy. Whoever controls it will have ultimate power on earth.

Deep under the ocean, in her palace of crystal, lives the sexually insatiable Crocodile Queen. She uses her body to enslave men to her will. All who enjoy her favors become mutant warriors in her zombie army. The queen wants the power of the deadly sword and entraps the one man she thinks can bring it to her.

THE DEVIL'S SWORD is one of the triumphs of Indonesian fantasy cinema. Packed with jaw-dropping scenes of incredible wildness, its the closest thing to a legal hallucinogen ever invented. This is a trip youll want to take again and again.

Mondo Macabro's special edition DVD of THE DEVIL'S SWORD contains the following extra features:

- A new interview with star Barry Prima, filmed exclusively for this DVD. Barry is something of a legend amongst fans of Asian cinema and this is the first interview he has ever done. Anywhere. He tells us about how he got his start in the movies, what he thinks of the films he has made and gives us an insight into his unique personality.
- "Heavenly Swords" - A text essay about the history and mythology of the sword, written by Mondo Macabro's Pete Tombs.
- Original theatrical trailer
- Extensive production notes and illustrated biographies of cast and crew.
- The much loved Mondo Macabro trailer reel of past and future releases.

So get ready for some primo Prima this June with the DVD world premiere of THE DEVILS SWORD from Mondo Macabro. It's bound to be the cult action DVD release of the summer!

Look for Mondo Macabro's THE DEVIL'S SWORD DVD in stores on June 27, 2006 at a retail price of $24.95.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Evil Bong Teaser and Convention Updates!

From Charles Band:

EVIL BONG has taken on a life of its own!!! Apparently its all over the internet and were getting so many E-Mails and messages! I hope to have it out on DVD by September at the latest and then on VOD and PPV by Halloween! Its being edited right now and looks totally demented! See our new teaser campaign! - It was put together by the super talented Ryan Brookhart who keeps making our stuff look so amazing!

MONSTER MANIA: great seeing you all out there! We had a real good time and special thanks to Dave Hagan, his great Monster Mania team and to Dominic! It was also fun being at a show and having Tim Thomerson, Jeffrey Combs and Bill Moseley all come up on stage with me!

FANGORIA: happening next weekend in Burbank and it should be a blast! Well be there and Ill also be doing a reduced road show at 7:00PM on Friday June 1st!

I promise some very cool surprise guests!!! Plus the usual compliment of unique merchandise and a few original puppets for auction!

Take care!


Oh, what a great day. First, 3 Dev Adam hits stores. Now this, in full Quicktime HD glory. Happy happy, joy joy.
3 Dev Adam 0n DVD - IT´S TODAY!!!

Do I really have to say how cult and bizarre this film is? Here's the plot:

Turkey is being terrorized by a ruthless gang of criminals led by a psychotic guy with a green uniform and a pair of hellish eyebrows sticking out of his mask eye holes. The local authorites are forced to resort to some super assistants. One of them is the national superhero of Mexico, Santo. The other one is the national superhero of the USA, Captain America. Their countries, too, have been encountering major trouble with the green psycho's illegal activities, namely ancient artifacts smuggling and fake cash circulation. In fact, the economy of the whole planet is about to collapse!

Upon their arrival in Istanbul though, they soon realise that their opponent is more ruthless and evasive than they had imagined. This maniac stops at nothing. He murders and robs ladies. He tortures people. And just when you think you have killed him, another one pops up. Is he a virus? Does he have endless despensable clones to die in his place? And above all, what's his name?

Oh, yes... it is... SPIDER MAN!

Read more at Onar Films homepage, and purchase the DVD thru HKFlix so I can make some moola out of this website! :-)
Photos from the set of "Bachelor Party in The Bungalow of The Damned"!

Stunning Scream Queen Zöe Hunter (that we´re portraying here, on purpose, with a nice cool pic - you'll see her horribly mutilated when you click the banner below, and I don´t want to spoil the surprise!) informs the fans:

These are some unofficial photos taken on the set of another new movie I costarred in (we are still in production). They are very colorful. Thanks to Wicked Efx and Mea Culpa Pictures!

Click here:

Will have more soon.

Stay cool and evil... Z

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grindhouse Film Festival @ New Beverly

The Grindhouse Film Festival returns to the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles TONIGHT (Tuesday, May 23rd) with another insane double-feature. This month will feature screenings of rare 35mm prints of two mindblowing films from Southeast Asia, the very rare Filipino film DEVIL WOMAN (1970) and the Indonesian crowd pleaser LADY TERMINATOR (1988).

We've never seen the first film, but judging from the trailer and radio spot it should be a lot of fun. Any film with a snake-haired woman getting revenge on those who killed her parents has to be good, especially with a healthy dose of kung fu action thrown in. Plus, who can resist a tag line like this: "The baddest dudes who ever walked the face of the earth fight a battle to the death with Satan's sinister sister!" This is one of the rarest titles we've ever screened, so don't miss out.

LADY TERMINATOR is an over-the-top film filled with incredible amounts of cartoonish sex and violence (and the just plain weirdness that makes so many Indonesian exploitation films worth seeking out), and was one of the last titles to thrill and amaze the whacked out denizens of a rapidly fading late-80's 42nd Street. After years as a popular grey market video title it's now available in a beautiful special edition DVD from Mondo Macabro, but should really be seen with a crazed audience to fully appreciate its many charms.

As usual the evening will begin with our world-famous free raffle of assorted trash and treasures, followed by TWO amazing reels of classic exploitation trailers. This month we'll have some great DVD's from our friends at ei Independent Cinema, along with some other surprises. All of this for only $7.00, in the company of a crowd of enthusiastic fellow fans and assorted maniacs. Miss it and you'll be tormented by regret until your final days! Attend, and you'll have a great time...though possibly leave with a stiff back and fewer brain cells than you arrived with.

Pass the word and bring a friend or two - we have some great stuff planned for the next few months, but need the support of fans and a steady attendance to keep this going.

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 Eric Caidin and Brian Quinn with Grindhouse Releasing present The Grindhouse Film Festival
New Beverly Cinema

7165 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA
(323) 938-4038
Admission: $7.00


7:30pm - Devil Woman (1970)
Directed by Felix Villar & Albert Yu. Starring Rosemarie Gil.

9:30pm - Lady Terminator (1988)
Directed by H. Tjut Djalil. Starring Barbara Anne Constable, Claudia Angelique Rademaker and Christopher J. Hart.
Like any icky bug, this movie deserves a good squashing!

Some movies are bad, and that, believe me, can be a very good thing. Let's take Ed Wood, for example - not because "Plan 9" is considered the worst movie of all time (FYI, no, it's NOT!), but 'cuz any fourth-rate movie student knows his vastly undeserved bad rep (thank you for nothing, Mr. Medved; I hope your dreams are haunted every single night by visions of Tor Johnson in a g-string dancing the tarantela!).

Was Ed Wood a mediocre moviemaker? Yeah, sure he was. But when he set out to make his films, he wasn't counting on being immortalized for their alleged badness. Wood did 'em because he had a creative mind, deep love for the genre and the drive to make something useful out of it, instead of just sitting on his ass as any frustrated filmmaker and write derogatory reviews on some lame website. His movies were subpar? Yes, but at least he TRIED. No, better: he ACHIEVED his goal with the scant resources he had. Stock footage, fishing lines, shower curtains and a Bela Lugosi eyebrow double; that was all Ed needed to put his imagination on film, while today's dime-and-a-dozen "auteurs" bitch and moan about the lack of money to hire ILM. Wood also had a grasp, however rudimentary, of things like editing and pacing, so his movies were at least watchable.

But that was then and this is now. Today we have technology far beyond the wildest imagination of sci-fi writers of yore. We have DV cams, cheap editing bays, everything we need to make something at least marginally professional. There's simply no excuse for mediocrity in these days.

There's simply no excuse for Deadly Scavengers.

I don't know what the fuck Ron Ford was thinking when he commited this sorry piece of S.O.V. crap. But if he had the intention of creating "the worst movie ever made", then, oboy... Deadly Scavengers is uncapable of being even THAT! There are no words to describe a person who actually tries to make something lousy and fails. One of these days I'll invent one, but now is not the time.

The plot of DS tries to be serious. It really does, and that's his first (but not the only) big mistake. The story is a direct rip-off of "Food of the Gods" combined with a lot of nonsense about mercenaries with toy guns. Instead of giant animals, we have only a big cockroach achieved by a) a real cockroach filmed up close and badly composed with an ultra-lame chroma-key effect, and b) a guy in a suit that's so shabby, but SO shabby, that it's only shown on the DVD cover!

Deadly Scavengers is the Murphy's Law applied to moviemaking. Everything that can be done wrong IS done wrong: acting, lighting, sound, dubbing, editing, SFX and all the like. How bad is it? Well, there's a scene where, to simulate a car in movement, the director just points the camera at the windshield and shakes it up and down. It's THAT bad, and not even funny to begin with.

I REALLY tried to find something good to say about this movie, but I really couldn't. But one thing must be clear: DS is NOT the worst film ever made, and I'm 100% sure that the worst film ever made is ten times more amusing than this complete and utter garbage.

DORM OF THE DEAD star Andrea Ownbey will appear on "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW" Tuesday morning to talk about her role in this 'Zombies on Campus' movie from director Donald Farmer.

To catch Andrea's appearance, tune in to "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW" on Sirius Satellite Radio. Andrea is known to Stern listeners by her nickname of "MISS HOWARD STERN" and has made numerous appearances on past shows. You can see a gallery of her past HOWARD STERN SHOW moments by going to and typing MISS HOWARD STERN into the search window.

Filming on DORM OF THE DEAD moves to Los Angeles later this week where Farmer will film scenes with Andrea's sizzling co-star Tiffany Shepis.

Monday, May 22, 2006

So you wanna be in an horror movie?


We are casting for our latest horror film scheduled to begin shooting at the end of June in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, "THE EVIL WITHIN", being produced by award winning filmmaker Robert J. Massetti (pictured) and written and directed by Luke Benedetto. NON-UNION - Deferred Pay.

Due to budget limitations, pay is deferred to cast and crew, but the film already has interest by major film distributors. The film will be shot on the weekends to cut down on costs.

Auditions will be held SATURDAY, MAY 27 from Noon to 5pm at the FEAR FILM Office's at:

2450 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite 201
Hollywood, Florida 33020

Please bring HEADSHOT, RESUME and prepared monologue (if possible) not required. If you have a reel, that would be a real plus. Cold readings will take place as well.

Film's official website is up but still under construction.

Roles we are casting for:

William - Male - 27-33
John - Male - 22-26
Jennifer - Female - 25-29
Sara - Female - 26-30
Heather - Female - 19-24

Serial Killer Great Grandfather - Male - 30-50
Woman from opening scene - Female - 19-25
Chris - Male - 22-26
Woman in art gallery - Female - 30-50
Woman 2 in art gallery - Female - 30-50

If you can't make the audition, we will accept reels on DVD for consideration. Send your reel, headshot, and resume to:

2450 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite 201
Hollywood, Florida 33020

Questions send to

For more about us go to
IMDb reveals first images of THE WIZARD OF GORE remake

Nuff said. Go there. But NEVER forget the originals.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Puppets Who Kill - Second Season on DVD. No, Charles Band is not involved.

“Puppets Who Kill is not just a clever idea; it’s also exceedingly well done.” - Alex Strachan, Fine Tuning

Eclectic DVD and Video Service Corporation are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Puppets Who Kill – The Complete Second Season for US distribution on DVD.

Yes, if the cult-hit Season One DVD wasn't proof enough then Season Two should erase any reasonable doubts - Puppets Who Kill is the nastiest little show around.

Yes, the strangely demented antics of Buttons, Rocko, Cuddles and Bill return to torment Dan Redican, the social worker under siege at the half-way house he manages for the fearsome foursome, all of whom are incorrigible sociopaths.

How's this for a heart-warming episode - Bill hires a litigator to sue the families of the people he's murdered...for emotional damages.

Special Features: 13 full episodes, commentary with Dan Redican and Rocko, Canada AM puppet interview and more…

Go to for more information.
Kenneth J. Hall returns from the dead and goes to Burbank

Despite the fact that he was brutally murdered recently by a naked stripper with a sharp knife, filmmaker Kenneth J. Hall somehow managed to come back to life and will be present at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Burbank.

He writes on his MySpace page:

"Yes, it's almost here. The one horror convention in Southern California where you can always count on a huge turnout of both cool celebrity guests and loyal fans. This year looks like it will be no exception. It's at the Burbank Hilton from June 2-4.

What's exciting for me is this is the first time I will be selling my movie THE HALFWAY HOUSE on DVD at my table. I will be giving away free posters with every copy. Cast members like Janet Tracy Keijser, Athena Demos (pictured), Cleve Hall, and Tommi X will be appearing there as well to sign autographs. Stop by and say hi."

For more information about the show, click on the banner below:

Dellamorte Dellamore finally gets a decent R1 edition - thank you, Anchor Bay!

By now, everybody must know about this weird zombie tale that occurs on a parallel universe inside a snow globe (don´t ask!). But fact is: AT LAST, it will be seen in the US uncut.

Rupert Everett stars as Francesco Dellamorte, a cemetery watchman whose job is to slaughter the living dead when they rise hungry from their graves.

Why they rise from their graves? No explanation is given, but Francesco and all the others takes this fact as matter-of-factly as possible. Oh well.

But following a tragic tryst with a lusty young widow (the stunningly gorgeous Anna Falchi in one of three sexy roles, each one with a different level of disrobing), Francisco begins to ponder the mysteries of existence. Is there long-term satisfaction in blasting the skulls of ‘returners’? Will his imbecile assistant find happiness with the partial girl-corpse of his dreams? And if death is the ultimate act of love, can a psychotic killing spree send Dellamorte to the brink of enlightenment?

Italian horror master Michele Soavi directed this brilliantly bloody black comedy, also known as Cemetery Man (a title that I hate), that Gore Score calls “a deliciously demented, delightfully surreal stew of sex, death, splatter, male-bonding, barfing, zombies and nothing less than the Ultimate Meaning of Life!”

Special Features include:

- Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs
- 8-page Collectors’ Booklet
- All-new Death Is Beautiful Featurette including interviews with Star Anna Falchi, Director Michele Soavi and more
- Theatrical Trailer

It´s still unknown if Anchor Bay will port the 18-minute docu (more Falchi!) and the commentary track with director Michele Soavi and writer Gianni Romoli from Medusa's italian release. But who cares? Look at those BOOBIES!
Behind the Mask goes big screen, yay!

Hey there! My name is Leslie Vernon.

On the surface I guess I'm like your average, small-town, nice guy with goals, ambition and aspirations to... follow in the footsteps of my mentor, Eugene, and be the world's next great psycho-slasher.

I confess I'm a self-promoter. I've given documentary filmmaker Taylor Gentry and her crew exclusive access to my life as I intricately plan and execute my reign of terror over the sleepy town of Glen Echo, where my legend was born.

Along the way, I'll teach them the trade of being a psycho-slasher and I'll deconstruct the conventions and archetypes of the genre of horror over which I hope to reign.

I´ve been out working hard on the festival circuit, and there will be no rest for me as Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon will be playing a number of foreign festivals. BTM will embark on a Summer 2006 International Festival Tour, whose highlights include:

Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal (July 6 - July 24)
FrightFest (London) - The UKs Fantasy & Horror Film Festival (August 25 - August 28)
SITGES International Film Festival of Catalonia
- (October 6 - October 15)

And then, in October, the film will hit theatres across the U.S.A.

Meanwhile, you can visit me at MySpace.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Behind the scenes video of THE BLOOD SHED

Go to for a disturbing look at a very disturbing movie.
Former porn director Gregory Dark’s See No Evil hits theaters

AVN Hall of Fame director Gregory Dark makes his mainstream feature film debut with the release of See No Evil. It marks the first time a mainstream feature film directed by a known porn director has achieved a nationwide theatrical release.

While Lions Gate Entertainment, the company releasing the film, doesn’t herald Dark’s past in the adult industry, it isn’t hiding Dark’s participation in the movie either. Lion's Gate has allowed him to use the same professional name he used on many of his adult projects, which include such XXX classics as New Wave Hookers (that also stars future scream queens Ginger Lynn Allen and Traci Lords - the latter had her scenes cut from the movie cause she was only 15 years old at the time), The Devil In Miss Jones 3 & 4 and Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio.

After retiring from directing adult movies in the mid-90s, Dark became a successful music video director, helming projects for major artists such as Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and Linkin Park.

See No Evil, which casts the 7-foot-tall World Wrestling star Kane as a psychopathic killer who terrorizes a group of delinquents sentenced to perform community service at an abandoned hotel where he is hiding out. The trailer can be seen at the movie’s official Web site (

Other names Dark has used as an adult movie director include the Dark Brothers and Alexander Hippolyte.
Cronenberg's Next?

Yet another Cronenberg project on the go. This one, "Eastern Promises" is being written by the fellow who wrote Stephen Frear's mighty-fine "Dirty Pretty Things." Shooting is supposed to start in November. Naomi Watts (busy lady that she is, attaching herself to Michael Haneke's remake of Funny Games) and Viggo Mortensen are attached to star in the crime drama.

"In the film, a 14-year-old girl dies on Christmas while giving birth in a London hospital... A midwife whose search for the girl's family takes her to London's shady Russian crime community and to a Russian crime boss who is not what he seems."

Your guess is as good as mine as to whether this, "London Fields" or "Map to the Stars" will make it to the screen first.
Dead and Gone: Ready To Go!

Actor Jack Wade (Quentin Jones of Fright Night) takes his comatose wife Frankie (Kathrine Bates of General Hospital) to an isolated cabin in the mountains... a place where a man once murdered his entire family.

Jack was a kept man. Now he must care for Frankie alone, because they have run out of money. This dilapidated cabin is all they have left. The redneck father and son that live nearby are definitely eccentric, but seem harmless enough. Jack flirts with Kate Eidson (Gillian Shure, The Slaughterhouse Massacre), the local constable, a woman who has such bad memories of the war in Iraq she won't even carry a gun. Poor Jack is a fish out of water. Everything in nature scares him. He starts to imagine things and comes to believe Frankie is up and moving around. She's rude, crude and taunts him relentlessly. Jack starts to come unraveled - and eventually decides to smother his wife.

But Frankie won't die.

Is she some kind of monster, or is Jack just insane? Is the cabin haunted, or is it all of the above?

"Dead and Gone" is a relentless, non-stop exercise in terror mixed with wild, black humor. Director Yossi Sasson says: "When I read it for the first time, everything flowed like greased lightning. It felt like "Twin Peaks" in the first act and a contemporary Evil Dead from there on out. I loved it immediately. You can never relax, and unlike a lot of other independent horror scripts, its virtually impossible to get ahead of the story line."

Novelist/Screenwriter Harry Shannon, who has worked on a number of major films including Basic Instinct and Terminator 2, comments, "I adored EC Comics as a kid, and have always had a soft spot for those intense, yet darkly funny films from the 70's and 80's. My horror novels can be terrifying, but also tend to be a mix of homage and parody, so I just kicked all that up a notch and tried to write a movie that I would really love to see."

The script impressed rocker Ben Moody, co-founder of Evanescence, who came on board as weird local Booger Rose. Comic actor Kyle Gass, Jack Black's manic partner (Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny), essays the not-so-Reverend Grass. Lovely scream queen Felissa Rose (Return to Sleepaway Camp, Evil Ever After, Slaughter Party) will play attorney Peggy Goldstein. Chris Bruno (TVs The Dead Zone), Marilyn Ghilgliotti (Clerks), Aaron Sherry (Nightmare Man) and Zack Ward (Resident Evil: Apocalypse) also appear. Veteran stage actor Jeff McFarland (Actors Gang) plays murderer Wayne Lee Garrett. Stuntman/actor Robert Herrick (Mortal Kombat, Speed 2) is Booger's big brother Moss Rose.

Famed composer Harry Manfredini (Friday 13th, House) will score. Mr. Manfredini says: "This script has a quality to it that makes it a classic. It is scary and creepy, witty and sarcastic. It is simple but textured. It keeps your interest with a varied arsenal of visual and verbal techniques. Okay thats the script. Now let me tell you about Yossi Sasson. Hes a bright and talented young man with great style and vision. He gets it."

Makeup effects were created by the brilliant Dan Crawley of After Midnight Dan has worked on Superman Returns, Fantastic Four, Seed of Chucky, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Ring, Appocalypto, and many other film and television projects.

Principal photography was completed May 8, 2006. Visit the Official Website for updates!
Dante Tomaselli plays on SANTA'S PLAYGROUND

Actually, its "Satan's Playground," independent horror director Dante Tomaselli's much anticipated third feature film.

A return to 70's and early 80's style, Satan's Playground is a heart-stopping supernatural shocker chronicling a family's spine-tingling odyssey in New Jersey's legendary Pine Barrens region. En route to a wilderness camping retreat, their car inexplicably breaks down. As darkness falls, panic sets in. Then the marooned family stumbles upon an ancient and seemingly abandoned house. And it is here that they meet the bizarre Mrs. Leeds (Irma St. Paule) who lives there with her equally unhinged children. Offering no assistance, she warns of a violent, unseen force lurking in the forbidding countryside. Soon, the family will encounter a supernatural evil older than the woods themselves.

This visually dazzling chiller stars Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Ellen Sandweiss (The Evil Dead), Edwin Neal (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Ron Millkie (Friday the 13th),

Enter, if you dare...SATAN'S PLAYGROUND...a place where deadly myth becomes gruesome reality.

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