Saturday, June 30, 2007

The horror of the TERROR TOONS continues!

For fans of kooky and creative low budget movies, Joe Castro's Terror Toons 2 is a wild and crazy ride! The fun begins with little Tiffany Saunders, who is having her twelfth birthday party. Her friends and family arrive to stuff their faces with cake and watch her open presents.

Meanwhile, in cartoon land, Hansel and Gretel decide to play in the woods against their mother’s warnings. They come upon a house made of candy, end up stuffing their faces and puking, and are forced to go inside to find help. Instead, they find a witch (played by Brinke Stevens in a delightful cameo) who wants to eat their tender flesh to the bone. When she gives them poison and a rat to “make them feel better,” they mistakenly mutate into Terror Toons!

Back at the Saunders, Tiffany receives a Terror Toons DVD (Devil Video Disc) in the mail with no return address. She puts it on and soon all hell breaks loose! The house and its inhabitants are in a strange hellish cartoon dimension and are forced to play deadly games like “musical scares” with Hansel and Gretel. One by one, the party guests start dying gruesome deaths by electrocution, by a giant Acme-type mallet, by cooties, by tickling, by “playing doctor” and so on. It’s up to Tiffany’s older sister Tina, her boyfriend and his two friends to stop the Terror Toons, which means going into Hell itself to chat with the son of Satan and take on superhero personas to kick ass!

Friday, June 08, 2007

"This will be a true story."

The Resurrection Game tells the story of a point in the not-too-distant future where the world is overrun by the walking dead. After the screaming stopped, people just got used to it.

But when Jim Campbell, a former police detective, is hired to find the cause of the zombie "Infestation", he uncovers a conspiracy that goes far beyond the mere nuisance of the undead. Teaming up with a discredited scientist and a pair of bickering zombie exterminators, Campbell finds himself up against a multi-national corporation that may be responsible for the Infestation and a whole lot more.

Written and directed by Mike Watt, produced by and starring Amy Lynn Best and Bill Homan, The Resurrection Game was shot on 16mm color film in 2000 and finally completed in 2005. It was awarded "Best Feature" at the first annual Pittsburgh Filmworkers Film Festival.

The cast includes Ray Yeo (Campbell), Amy Lynn Best (Sr. Bliss), Bill Homan (Simon McForman), Kristen Pfeifer (Emily Zarkoff), Francis Veltri (The Executive), Dave Shremp (Tick Rowan) and Ted Hoover as "Christopher Pope". Special appearances by Jasi Cotton Lanier and Debbie Rochon. Music by Jason D. Ralph. Additional music by Paul McCollough (Night of the Living Dead 1990).

More Mexican horror from CasaNegra!

The Man and the Monster (El Hombre y el Monstruo, 1958, Mexico)
Directed by Rafael Baledón. With Enrique Rambal • Abel Salazar • Marta Roth • Deelia Guilmáin • Laura Baledón • José Chávez • Maricarmen Vela • Carlos Suárez

“One of the very best offerings from the weird world of Mexican horror and worthy of wider recognition." – The Spinning Image

Gothic horror, fun special effects and an inventive re-thinking of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story converge in The Man and The Monster, one of the most chilling and exciting classics in the annals of Mexico’s supernatural thrillers. Enrique Rambal portrays Samuel, a pianist so ambitious that he sells his soul to Satan in exchange for musical greatness. Every time Samuel plays the composition that wins him fame, fortune and adulation, he turns into a hideous beast with a lust for murder. To avoid transforming into a ferocious killer, all Samuel need do is refuse to play his signature song. But is he willing to sacrifice his own status as the world’s most acclaimed pianist?

The Man and the Monster is a one-of-a-kind blend of mature psychological terror and typical ‘50s creature-feature trappings.

Forget the lame, washed-up and unwatchable copy released years ago by Beverly Wilshire; CasaNegra presents this film in the finest form ever available anywhere! Doubt it? Then look at this nice screengrab!

Special Features:

* Original Uncut Version
* Completely Re-Mastered Picture & Sound from Newly Restored Vault Elements
* Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish
* Essay:
* Cast Biographies
* Original Theatrical Release Radio Spot
* Poster and Stills Gallery

Technical Info
85 Mins. B&W. Not Rated. 1:33.1 Original Aspect Ratio
Region 1-NTSC. Spanish Dolby Digital Mono 1.0. Optional English Subtitles

The Living Coffin (El Grito de la Muerte, 1958, Mexico)
Directed by Fernando Méndez. With Gastón Santos • María Duval • Quintín Bulnes • Pedro de Aguillón • Carlos Ancira • Carolina Barret • Antonio Raxel • Hortensia Santoveña

The Living Coffin: the curse of the crying woman wails on!

In this eerie atmospheric reinvention of a timeless Mexican legend and Edgar Allen Poe's classic The Premature Burial, a Cowboy (Gastón Santos) and his sidekick, Crazy Wolf (Pedro de Aguillón), stop at an eerie ranch to learn more of about a stone figure they've unearthed that depicts a crying woman.

The ranch's odd, off-kilter residents tell them that the statue, and another just like it, was created by the now-dead Clotilde (Carolina Barrett), whose ghost has been sighted by local villagers … crying.

Cowboy and Crazy Wolf are then pulled into an action-packed, spine-tingling web of supernatural spookery and desperados out to unearth a secret vein of gold. Along the way, the cross Skeleton Swamp and bodies pile up while, somehow, coffins keep disappearing.

CasaNegra is proud to present this Mexican horror classic uncut and in never-before-available pristine quality - that looks NOTHING AT ALL like the horrid, washed out, VHS-sourced Beverly Wilshire release. Just look at the screengrabs! So crack open the lid to The Living Coffin and settle back for a blast of vintage thrills!

Special Features:

* Original Uncut Version (as opposed to the heavily cut edition released with the K. Gordon Murray Collection)
* Completely Re-Mastered Picture & Sound from Newly Restored Vault Elements
* Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish
* Cast Biographies
* Original Theatrical Release Radio Spot
* Poster and Stills Gallery

Technical info
85 Mins. Color. Not Rated. 1:33.1 Original Aspect Ratio
Region 1-NTSC. Spanish Dolby Digital Mono 1.0. Optional English Subtitles
Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut!

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut tells the story of a group of filmmakers shooting a film called "Tesseract", which, in turn, is about a group of filmmakers being stalked by a psychotic killer. Gradually, the line between the film and real life begins to blur... before vanishing entirely!

Both a narrative film and a documentary analyzing the slasher sub-genre, Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut is directed by and stars Amy Lynn Best (Abattoir), stars the immortal Tom Sullivan (The Evil Dead, Absence of Light), Sofiya Mina Smirnova (Abattoir), Alyssa Herron (Severe Injuries), Nikki McCrae (The Screening), Elske McCain (Poultrygeist), Rachelle Williams (Jess Franco's Take-Away Spirit), Aaron Bernard (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End), Tiffany Warren (Blood Bath, Vol. 1) and Debbie Rochon (Evil Incarnate: The Richard Speck Story, Fangoria Radio). It was written by Mike Watt (Dead Men Walking, Sirens of Cinema Magazine). Special Effects by Eric Molinaris (Black Sunrise) and Don Bumgarner (The Dread). Executive Producers: Fred Obermiller, Robert A. Kuiper.

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut will be shot on location at the Hundred Acres Manor in South Park, PA - Pittsburgh's only 100% charity haunted attraction.

"Grendel" masks are courtesy Specter Studios.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Sometimes the dead DO talk if ONAR gives them a chance, like this God-forgotten 1970 Turkish Gothic Horror gem. A haunted house in the forest, a ghostly zombie-like bogeyman, a curse, pretty ladies meeting horrible deaths, endless macabre boo-ha-ha's, gloomy suffocating atmosphere, Aytekin Akkaya (3 DEV ADAM'S Captain America), pretty ladies, stolen music from Space Odyssey (well, Richard Strauss, that is) and giallos, exorcisms and other goodies guarantee a hair-raising experience. This is another worldwide premiere, never seen before on any kind of media. Luckily, the master was found in satisfactory condition so the picture is very good (for an old turkish film).

If you are thirsty for a genuine giallo with lots of blood, sleaze, mystery and twists, this one is for you. It could be a Sergio Martino film, like STRANGE VICE OF MRS WARDH, but it comes straight from Turkey! Here, a maniac (or two?) with a sharp huge razor is after pretty girls. A woman is suffering a youth trauma and is haunted by the nightmare of her past. The only remaining master was found in good condition so the picture is not great but good enough for a Turkish 70’s film.

1200 numbered copies
Turkish audio
English & Greek subtitles
B/W (1), Colour (2), 4:3, DVD9
3 Interviews with AYTEKIN AKKAYA , METIN DEMIRHAN (horror director and author of the cult book TURKISH FANTASTIC CINEMA) and GIOVANNI SCOGNAMILLO, actor and co-author of above book. Turkish audio with English subs.
Filmographies OF DIRECTORS
Biographies OF DIRECTORS


Buy yours at Xploitedcinema!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Severin Films is proud to announce the first official DVD release of Laure, directed by “the real Emmanuelle”.

Her tantalizing memoir shocked the world—its infamous film adaptation changed X-rated cinema forever. Now for the first time, Emmanuelle Arsan – the real Emmanuelle – brings her own lush vision of total sexual abandon to the screen as writer, director and co-star of the rarely seen erotic classic, Laure.

The succulent Annie Belle (House on the Edge of the Park, Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle fame) stars as Laure, a free-spirited young woman whose bold philosophy of pleasure enflames the passions of every man and woman she encounters in the steamy city of Manila. But when she’s invited to join a deep jungle expedition with a hunky filmmaker (Al Cliver of Zombie and The Beyond) and a beautiful anthropologist (Arsan), Laure discovers that no sexual hunger can ever be truly forbidden. Can one woman’s insatiable lust create a new dimension of love, or will her complete carnal surrender to a strange native tribe lead to the most shocking act of all?

From the woman whose memoir of sexual exploits revolutionized the erotica industry, Laure is presented on DVD for the first time. Special features include the theatrical trailer, an audio interview with star Annie Belle, Interview with actor Al Cliver and the bonus featurette, “Emmanuelle Revealed: Interview with Producer Ovidio Assonitis”

Laure streets on June 12, 2007 with an S.R.P. of $29.95. For more information please visit
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