Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Severin Films is proud to announce Black Emanuelle's Box - a 4 Disc Limited Edition collection!

"Superhumanly sexy. Laura Gemser is a honey-dipped cup of juicy java goodness!" - Mr. Skin.

The breathtakingly beautiful Laura Gemser stars as the infamous sexual adventuress in these three erotic epics now on DVD for the first time ever in America:

Emanuelle in Bangkok - Emanuelle prowls the steamy underbelly of the Thai city on an odyssey of opium orgies, depraved Republicans and flying ping-pong balls.

Sister Emanuelle - Emanuelle renounces her wanton ways and joins a convent for wayward schoolgirls, only to face temptation from some very unholy sins of the flesh.

Emanuelle Around the World - In director Joe D'Amato's notorious jaw-dropper, Emanuelle uncovers a global conspiracy of enslaved women, kinky senators and inappropriate uses for exotic pets. A.K.A. The Degradation of Emanuelle, this DVD is newly transferred from the original negative featuring never-before-seen footage! This is the first time this DVD has ever been available in America.

BONUS CD: Getting Down with Black Emanuelle - an all-new compilation of remastered soundtrack music-long out of print-by composer Nico Fidenco.

This Collector's Edition four-disc set will be limited to only 4000 units and will never be offered in this format ever again.

Set extras include the featurette of Joe D'Amato at Eurofest, the "Groove Featurette" with composer Nico Fidenco, deleted scenes and theatrical trailers. The collection will also boast six collectible color postcards of poster art from around the world.

Preorder Black Emanuelle's Box by March 2. The collection streets on March 27 for an S.R.P. of $69.95.

Monday, January 08, 2007

House of Re-Animator project Is 'asleep,' according to Jeffrey Combs

The defeat of Republicans in the '06 election and the end of the Bush presidency is bad news for the "Re-Animator" sequels that have been talked about. At Fangocon in San Jose, Jeffrey Combs announced that the "House of Re-Animator" sequel is "asleep" because of the coming end of the Bush presidency.

"A year ago I would have told you that looks like that's happening," he said. "At this time I'd say maybe the air has gone out of that. ... That's sleeping right now. I don't imagine that will wake up. The problem is the script we wanted to do is very topical."

Monday, January 01, 2007

Classic EL VAMPIRO series gets the CasaNegra treatment!

The Vampire 2 Disc Collectors Set (The Vampire & The Vampire's Coffin)

Masterfully crafted, brilliantly atmospheric and as powerfully chilling as the day they were released, these Gothic tales of undead, bloodthirsty Count Karol de Lavud (Germán Robles) upped the impact of Hollywood horror and set the template for countless fright-films for years to come -- made both in Mexico and the world over.

Described as "Dracula on a hacienda," El Vampiro chronicles the journey of young Marta (Ariadna Welter) who learns that her family is under the demonic control of Count Luvad (Germán Robles). As he feeds on the blood of the locals and aims to raise his brother from the dead, Marta and the mysterious Dr. Enrique (Abel Salazar) threaten the Count. The wrath of El Vampiro then reigns down upon them, and an all-time horror classic plays out with unforgettable eeriness and excitement.

You can't keep a wicked bloodsucker down, as proven in El Ataúd del Vampiro, the follow-up to El Vampiro. Marta (Ariadna Welter) and Dr. Enrique (Abel Salazar) battle Count Luvad (Germán Robles) anew, after he has turned the grave-robbers who accidentally resurrected him into zombie servants. Bent on vengeance and clamoring for the blood of beautiful women, Count Luvad proves to be one of horror's most indelible villains, and The Vampire's Coffin is a spooky, thrilling classic every bit on par with its renowned predecessor.

CasaNegra Entertainment is proud to present these acclaimed horror classics of Mexico in a single collector's edition: The Vampire (aka El Vampiro) and its sequel, The Vampire's Coffin (aka El Ataúd del Vampiro).

Special Features:

* Original Uncut Versions
* Both Films Completely Re-Mastered Picture & Sound from Newly Restored Vault Elements
* Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish
* Audio Commentary by Robert Cotter, Author of The Mexican Masked Wrestler & Monster Filmography
* Photo Essay: Fear a la Mexicana! Mexican Horror Cinema, 1953 to 1965
* DVD ROM: Complete 1976 French Photo Novel of The Vampire’s Coffin
* The Original U.S. Theatrical Release Radio Spots
* Exclusive CasaNegra Loteria Game Card
* Abel Salazar's 1995 Obituary from The Boston Globe
* Cast Biographies
* Extensive Poster and Stills Gallery
Adaptation of Alten's 'Meg' stalls at New Line

As a pitch, the concept of "Jaws" meets "Jurassic Park" seemed like a no-brainer. But nine years after "Meg," Steve Alten's tale of an 80-foot-long prehistoric shark, hit Hollywood, the project looks less like Jurassic Shark and more like the fish that got away.

While Alten has already published two book sequels, the original film property has languished, first at Disney and more recently at New Line. Like many would-be tentpoles, the pic fell victim to escalating costs as well as New Line's focus on other pricey pics.

New Line picked up the rights last year and put the pic on the fast track for a 2006 release. At the time, it was hoping to make "Meg" for $75 million, with a significant chunk financed by selling off foreign distribution rights. But when the estimated budget came in much higher -- some put the figure at $150 million, mostly due to costly f/x -- New Line began scaling back. According to an outsider who's seen the script, the CGI work for "Meg" would itself cost $40 million to $70 million. Aside from aquatic challenges (CGI waves, thousands of species of fish), the giant shark attacks ships and a helicopter.

Now, the pic is looking to shoot this spring for a summer 2008 release, at the earliest. Helmer Jan De Bont, who was attached to the project when it moved to New Line, notes the studio is in production on a trio of costly films -- "Inkheart," "Rush Hour 3" and "The Golden Compass" -- so it's understandably cautious about greenlighting another tentpole. "But," he says, "I have no doubt Meg will swim."

Alten, too, is playing the waiting game. He says he won't begin "Meg 4: Hell's Aquarium" until the pic is greenlit. "I need the movie to generate publicity for that book," he says.
Severin Films presents two new DVDs from cult director Jess Franco: Macumba Sexual and Mansion of the Living Dead!

Jess Franco is infamous for images of stark sexuality and perversity. Now, two of his most sought-after masterpieces are finally available in America: uncut and fully restored to their original OAR for the first time!

Macumba Sexual: A film that shocks even the most hardcore connoisseurs of Euro-Sex sagas, a fever dream of unbridled depravity from the master's bizarre mind.

Franco's favorite leading lady, Lina Romay (billed here under her alter-ego 'Candy Coster'), stars as a young wife haunted by erotic hallucinations of the mysterious Princess Obongo (transsexual Ajita Wilson (Sadomania) in an eye-popping performance). But the self-proclaimed 'Goddess of Unspeakable Lust' has more in store for the yuppie sexpot and her unsuspecting husband.

Lesbian ecstasy, frenzied threesomes, bisexual orgies and beyond! Also starring Robert Foster (Mansion of the Living Dead) and Franco himself. This film was fully restored from the recently discovered original negative and is presented uncensored for the first time in the U.S.

DVD bonus materials include the new "Voodoo Jess" interviews with Franco and Romay.

In Mansion of the Living Dead, four wanton waitresses-including Romay (as 'Coster' again) and Eva Leon (House of the Psychotic Women) and Mamie Kaplan (Lilian the Perverted Virgin)-arrive for a vacation in the Canary Islands where they indulge their hunder for masturbation, lesbian lust, bondage and so much more.

But the ultimate depravities are still to come when a nearby 17th Century monastery unleashes a horde of zombie Templars that are hungry for the taste of hot female flesh!

Franco scholars have called this saga of sex and sadism an insane homage to the Blind Dead series. Fully restored from original Spanish elements, Mansion of the Living Dead is presented totally uncut and uncensored, again for the first time in America.

This DVD features the all new Franco and Romay interview "The Mansion that Jess Built".

These DVDs offer Franco-philes and newcomers a unique look at psycho-cinema at its finest!

For more information, please visit www.severin-films.com or contact publicist Mike Watt at happycloudpictures@hotmail.com
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