Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gravedancers is out on DVD... in Holland!

It comes in a nice looking tin and SUPPOSEDLY has a bunch of nice extras. Hmmmm.... nope. The "2-disc Special Edition" moniker is highly deceiving. It's 2 discs, right, but it has no special features, just the 4:3 version of the flick on one disc and a 16x9 on the other. The American one, that Lions Gate will release by March, will have lots of cool stuff on it.

Gravedancers is Mike Mendez biggest film to date, budget-vise, and revolves around Harris, Kira, and Sid, college friends who reunite for the funeral of their good friend Devin.

A night of drinking ultimately leads to a trip to the cemetery, where the trio bids a final goodbye to Devin before finding a strange card on a gravestone. Written on the card is a song, which the three drunken friends sing while dancing on the nearby graves.

Little do they know that the song is actually an ancient curse, and that by invoking it they've condemned one another to a month of haunting, the final outcome of which could very well be death.

Eventually it is revealed that the ancient curse woke three psychopaths from their eternal slumber, and that these three ghosts will stop at nothing to take Harris, Kira, and Sid back to the other side with them.

The two investigators try to help Harris, Kira, Sid, and Harris' wife Allison thwart the ghosts and survive. The question is: Will they make it?

It stars Dominic Purcell's neck, Buffy's Clare Kramer and French character actor Tchéky Karyo. You can get the Dutch DVD over at

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gore-Geous Women of Wrestling!

Happy Cloud Pictures is proud to announce that the exclusive special edition DVD of Blood Bath: Blood Wrestling Vol. 1 is now available for pre-order!

Blood Bath combines indie horror with backyard wrestling in an unscripted trio of matches starring some of the hottest names in Outsider Cinema today! Shot live at Genghis Con II: The Wrath of Con, the Blood Bath brought together Amy Lynn Best (The Resurrection Game), April Monique Burril (Chainsaw Sally) and Tiffany Warren Yarbrough (OAMM Productions) to perform a sporting event conceived by Cristie Whiles (Toe Tag Pictures' Redsin Tower): no-holds-barred female wrestling-doused with crimson stage blood!

Adding to the event are other stand-out horror names including JimmyO Burril (writer/director Chainsaw Sally) as the live DJ; Ari "First Jason" Lehman (Friday the 13th) from "First Jason" providing improvised live music; 42nd Street Pete (Grindhouse Memories) as the Announcer; Melantha Blackthorne (Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Tales) as the Referee and Sofiya Mina Smirnova (Abattoir) as the Ring Girl! (And let us not forget Rachelle Williams (Jess Franco's Take-Away Spirit) as the intermission entertainment!) Other wrestlers include Megan Ruggiero (Abattoir), Lesley Vernot (Abattoir, Chainsaw Sally) and Elizabeth Spano (The Resurrection Game).

The three completely unscripted, unrehearsed matches include the Abattoir/Chainsaw Sally grudge match and the "Battle Royale" for the title of "Queen of the Ring"! Six women, covered with blood, doing their best to take down their opponents and vying for the coveted title. Missing the match live was a crime-missing the DVD would be a sin!

This Special Edition DVD includes the full-length 40-minute event, covered by five cameras! The spicy extras include a behind-the-scenes featurette, extensive still gallery, motion menus, trailers for other Happy Cloud Pictures releases and an exclusive peek "Inside the Showers", which spotlights the girls cleaning up immediately following the event!

This first match was a once-in-a-lifetime event! Now be the first to own the once-in-a-lifetime DVD. This is a limited offer. Once the initial run of DVDs has been sold, it will not be offered in this format again! And the exclusive shower feature will never be offered in any future release!

Blood Bath: Blood Wrestling Vol 1 streets on January 31, 2007 for an S.R.P. of $19.95. Pre-order your copy now via paypal at or visiting Don't miss out on this exclusive limited edition DVD!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well, what the fuck is Fondlecorpse? The project has been around since 1996. At that time The Goregnome was drawing some sick perverted shit, he drew a picture and thought: FONDLECORPSE! Now this would be a great name for a band... for a totally disgusting deathgoregrind band!

Now you will say "why isn’t there still any material recorded?". To make a long story short, lots of line ups, some even came close to recording, but in the end it always fell thru because people left fucked up, got kicked out, etc etc. In ‘99 it seemed we would be hitting the studio, and yup, bye bye drummer. And the torment continued.

Now 2002 we are back with a line-up that wants to play brutal shit, no compromise! We create utter brutality. Our drums are played by our extraterestial fiend Krite, who craves human meat for payment, so we feed him old bandmembers and nasty posers to keep him satisfied and have him drum on his intergalactic blastbeat drumkit.

The exhumed corpse was back in full force as the zombified remains recorded a split 7" with Inkblack... this fucker is sold out now, the second release was the Limbless 7" record with 6 new songs... did the hive compilation and re-released both ep's on cd... and now working on our first full album for Razorback records and a split with Frightmare!

Well, we play old school death metal, plain and simple, if your looking for a technical melodic innovative poser crap band... FUCK OFF!!!! This is about PURE SPLATTER B-MOVIE GORE the old school way, and dare i say it.....FUN!

Lyrically we will range from every aspect of Gore/ Horror/ Splatter/ Slasher/ Exploitation/ Shit /80's cartoons and Television series, and of corpse a healthy dose of pornstuffs, the good things in life!!!

Get ready for the attack of couch potatoe gore!!!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Three legendary actors (Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, and Christopher Lee) share the spotlight in THE RAINBOW THIEF, this rare weird comedy directed by the one and only Alexandro Jodorowsky.

A shabby thief of the streets finds the proverbial pot at the rainbow's end when he meets a reclusive, nutball prince who stands to inherit millions when is uncle dies. The thief figures he'll share his daily bounty with the impoverished heir now... and the prince will remember him later. But the thief forgets the very important reason for why we have rainbows, which is to chase them!

Although not as strong and violent as the average Jodorowsky film, The Rainbow Thief still shares elements of the rest of his work and makes up in weirdness and imaginative situations. Stating through symbolic imagery more than with the plot and the dialogues, Jodorowsky again gets through to your subconcious and in the end we can all understand his message.

The DVD is available through Vendio store (by clicking the image above), or emailing They also offer El Topo, The Holy Mountain and Santa Sangre.

Jodorowsky DVDs on the REVOK site

Thursday, December 07, 2006


In the 1950s Irving Klaw, known as the King of Pin Ups, was famous for his photos of beautiful girls in lingerie and high heels. In the period of 1951-1956 he produced over a hundred of short 8mm films. These Fetish, Wrestling and Dance Films with Bettie Page and other Glamour Models are now available for the first time on DVD with new transfers and with new scores.

Volume One is dedicated to Klaw’s most popular model, Bettie Page, who with her distinctive hair-cut and her girlish and dominant looks, became a monument of femininity loved by men and women.

Volume Two features the playful Catfight films, featuring beautiful women wrestling in lingerie. With these films Irving Klaw initiated a new genre.

Volume Three features the Fetish Films, females with black gloves, in black stockings and high heels. Klaw’s bestselling films, are the first US film sources for today’s fetish scene.

Volume Four features 50’s Glamour Models in entertaining dances, exclusively only in this Box Set. Including 16 short films, featuring Big Band Music Soundtrack.

Volumes 1, 2 and 3 also available individually.

DVD054 • $59.95 • 270 Minutes • 1951-1956
Color/B&W • Not Rated • Full Screen 4x3
Release date: October 31, 2006


• Special commemorative boxed set with custom slimline cases in collectable keep case
• New transfers from the original 8mm films
• Features 1950’s Rock ‘N Roll, Jazz Swing, Lounge & Big Band Music Soundtracks
• Includes Kamera Club, Glamour Girls & Striptease Bonus Films
• Includes 69 short Films

Saturday, December 02, 2006


The Summer of the Massacre is the terrifying tale of the demented Hammerhead, a man-eating maniac that resides in the Blackwood Forest.

A group of four carefree college students head home for the holiday season. The group consisted of pregnant student- Katie (Jeannette James - BBC Ones City Law), hung over joker – Josh (Ben O’Brian – ITV 3’s Grease Monkeys), Posh bird - Judy (Emma Horsley) and Curt (Jake Wlykie), who hit the road with a map printed from the internet. Hey, who needs to buy an A to Z map when cyberspace is so easy to handle.

Early into their journey the group notice that their running low on petrol so they decide, after a heated debate, to take a short cut through Blackwood. They stumble upon the petrol station and discover it has long been closed and receive a few warnings from an old tramp who leaps out upon them. He pleads them to turn back as the area is cursed and that deranged murderer known as Hammerhead will slaughter them one by one. Fearing for their lives the four friends make a quick getaway but run into even more problems when their van breaks down. Stranded in the middle of Blackwood Forest the group decide to trek across the dense woodland in the vein hope they’ll be saved. With no signal available for mobile phones and not a home in sight the group find them battling the elements as well as each other tempers become frayed.

All four friends decide that Jake and Judy should go and look for help while pregnant Katie and Josh should stay at the van, just in case help comes by.

After a few beers and a couple of scares Josh heads off into the forest to relieve his bladder unaware of an ominous lurking presence. Hammerhead approaches and takes out an unaware Josh binding him in cling film to keep him fresh while he heads back to the slaughter-house to collect some sacks to carry the body parts.

Katie starts to worry and heads to look for Josh only to be attacked, nailed to a tree and then strung up by Hammerhead...

Judy and Jake eventually return to the van after having no luck with finding help. To their horror they discover Hammerhead trashing the van. Both teenagers make a run for it with Hammerhead in hot pursuit behind them. Without any problems he slaughters both teenagers leaving only a pregnant female alive to face the viper- alone.

Katie escapes deep into the Blackwood Forest and the crazed mutant Hammerhead is soon on her tail with his insatiable bloodlust and trademark hammer. The only way Katie will survive this ordeal is to turn the tables and revert to her own primitive instincts and this means a lethal duel that ensures only one will survive…

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