Friday, March 30, 2007

Meet Richard Band and other Horror Maestros at the FANGORIA Convention on May 19!

FANGORIA'S Horror Composers Panel Macabre Movie Maestros will incluide Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, PUPPET MASTER, PIT & THE PENDULUM, MASTERS OF HORROR); Tyler Bates (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, 300 and DAWN OF THE DEAD, HALLOWEEN and DAY OF THE DEAD remakes); Christopher Lennertz (SUPERNATURAL, Clive Barker’s SAINT SINNER) and John Harrison (DAY OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW 2)

Horror Composers panel at the FANGORIA Convention around 02:00 PM on 05/19/2007
Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel

2500 Hollywood Way

Burbank, 91505, US

Cost: $20 to $219.00

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dark Horse announces 2nd printing of Buffy: Season 8!

Following the book’s release yesterday, Dark Horse will be going back to print on the much anticipated first issue of Buffy: Season 8. Since the book was announced last summer, Dark Horse has garnered a great deal of attention both in and outside of the comic market. With high profile press coverage, buzz among fans, and excitement from direct market retailers, orders exceeded the initial printing of over 100,000 copies!

“Admittedly, our expectations were already gigantic, but this has surpassed even those” says Dirk Wood, Director of Marketing. “We couldn’t be happier about how this has launched, and have high hopes for upcoming issues.”

“We've done something unique here. We've taken something really popular from the most mainstream of media, television, and we've transplanted it with total authority into comics” says Managing Editor, Scott Allie. “This is Buffy, by Joss, as much as the show ever was. And the sales seem to suggest that people are getting the message.”

The upcoming second printing will feature a full bleed version of the breathtaking Jo Chen cover, with some of the design elements removed for a cleaner, and more stripped down look. This new version will be arriving in stores with an on sale date of March 28, just a week before the release of issue #2. Dark Horse encourages retailers to backorder Buffy The Vampire Slayer #1 with confidence, as orders will be filled in full with the new printing.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some of the most extreme Underground films ever made. What you see really happened.

Underground Cinema first appeared in the 1960s with groundbreaking works by filmmakers as Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage and Andy Warhol, whose films dealt with provocative subjects such as politics, sex, magic and death. Cinema of Death compiles some of the most recent extreme films made, featuring raw, poetic, explosive images that will enter into and linger in the subconscious.

ADORATION (Olivier Smolders, Belgium/1987) is the true story of a Japanese man’s love crazed obsession for a woman, which ends in cannibalism.
DISLANDIA (Brian M. Viveros, USA/2005), a disturbing observance of Lindsey – a child existing in an indistinguishable time and place, haunted by surrealist visions.
PIG (Nico B, USA/1999), a poetic film in which we see the subconscious of a killer transform into abstract forms and material, all deriving from his suffering and desperation. Featuring Rozz Williams (Christian Death).
HOLLYWOOD BABYLON (Nico B, USA/2000), an homage to Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, shot at the Museum of Death, Ca.
LE POEM (Bogdan Borkowski, France/1986), an actual autopsy of a human body accompanied by the poem ‘The Drunken Boat’ by Arthur Rimbaud. (no postcards are included in Promos)

March 27, 2007
Underground Cinema Re-Releases
AMERICAN GOTHIC ($24.95) and DEAD LEAVES ($19.95) (with new Cover Artwork)

May 29, 2007
(Single Disc, $29.95). Now available THE FERNANDO ARRABAL COLLECTION

-“There are three perfect surrealist films: Un Chien Andalou, El Topo and Viva La Muerte.” –

“If you love Jodorowsky and Spanish Surrealism, I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse is a must see” –Mondo

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Some movies are just plain offensive, made to offend people who like to be offended, like me. I always say if the flicko is sicko, then it must be a good one. Director Herman Yau and lead actor Anthony Wong collaborate again to give us Ebola Syndrome; a sleazy, queasy movie full of blatantly sick and disgusting moments of bloody humour, violence, and depraved sadism from start to finish. It's not any particular scene that launches Ebola Syndrome into the disgusto category; it's the entire damn film.

It's about a dude called Kai, who seems to have almost a zero tolerance for bullying and loses the plot when he is verbally or physically abused. In the opening scene we see Kai going hard with the bosses wife when his boss comes home with an employee and busts them. This would naturally evoke a violent reaction in anyone who comes home to see his or her partner playing nudie twister with someone that you employ. Kai's boss does what anyone would naturally do, and that is kick the shit out of him. Now Kai just can't accept the punishment being dished and it is not long before Kai "Stop bullying me!" just plain loses it and kills almost everyone in the room. After the dispatching of all parties involved Kai pauses for a moment and flicks his long blood-drenched hair out of his face with his bloody knife and then proceeds to go after the last surviving person, the boss's young daughter who is cowering in the corner.

Before Kai can kill the last surviving witness to his little outburst he is interrupted and has to flee. With a murder warrant out on him in Hong Kong, Kai flees the country and before you can say "Interpol" we jump to several years later to find Kai working as a kitchen hand for a Chinese restaurant in sunny Johannesburg in South Africa. Even here he cannot escape the so-called "bullying" that blows his top. The restaurant owner's wife hates his guts and she never shies away from telling Kai as well as everyone else. The restaurant owner is aware of Kai's past and the outstanding warrant for his arrest back in Hong Kong, but he would never find a replacement kitchen hand who would work for peanuts like Kai.

One day the boss and Kai go out to buy some pigs from an African Tribe. On the way home the truck breaks down so while his boss repairs the truck Kai goes off for a little stroll. He finds an African female lying on the ground near a riverside quite unwell and incapacitated and decides that this is his perfect opportunity to get laid. Despite the girl looking like she's about to bite the bullet any second Kai rapes her and then heads back to the truck. Later on when Kai and his Boss get back to town, Kai develops a fever. The Bosses wife tells Kai off for being sick and wishes he would just die (she's really a lovely girl). The boss arranges for a Doctor visit; after all cheap but good labour is hard to get. The Doc tells them that Kai has the Ebola virus, but he is not going to die. Doc informs Kai that one in ten million people are unaffected by the Ebola virus and become carriers and that Kai is one of those, er lucky people?

Later on Kai gets a bit fucked off for being bullied by the bosses wife whilst being sick so he has another one of his "Stop bullying me!" temper tantrums and kills her and his boss. Kai then gets motivated in the kitchen and whips up some creative and innovative new dishes to add to the menu like Spaghetti Ebolanais or Pea and Ebola soup, tossed salad with spit dressing, and is that frosted icing I see? Now we're cooking with gas! Kai kills off his customers with his innovative and fatal menu, making sure the guests don't come back for seconds.

Anthony Wong is superb as Kai making this one of the sleaziest characters that has ever graced celluloid. I can't help but love to hate this dude. Other than our leading man Kai, there are really no other interesting characters in the film with the exception of the surviving female child from the opening scene all grown up. She's spotted Kai and endeavours to find justice for the murder of her parents. The character comes off as annoying and distracts from the rest of the story, but no matter, Anthony Wong playing the part of Kai is all you are going to need. Anthony Wong takes the weight of the whole film on his shoulders efficiently and to strong effect. There is a little nudity throughout but none of it is titillating in any way so there is nothing here to get your jollies from. The nudie scenes are designed to keep your hand off your pecker and eject eyeballs out of sockets. Ebola Syndrome has more bodily fluids flying from all corners of the screen than all the Toxic Avenger movies combined and then some. I'm talking about every bodily fluid that you can think of or imagine and why not; the Ebola virus spreads very effectively this way so why not travel down the Ebola highway. Vile, sleazy, sadistic, cruel and bloody depraved about sums up Ebola Syndrome quite nicely I should think.

A young scientist named Eiji (Sadao Abe, Uzumaki) sets out to help humanity by developing the ultimate painkiller. To evaluate it, he secretly adds his drug to a contraceptive that his mother has been testing at a local clinic. Her studies involve three young and attractive women. Of these women, one loves to eat, one is obsessively narcissistic, while the third has one serious case of insomnia. Eiji begins following the three unsuspecting guinea pigs to observe their reaction to his new creation, secretly videotaping them and recording the results. His experiment spirals out of control when the women discover that pain now gives them a deeply sensual pleasure. The more horrible acts of self-mutilation they commit, the better it feels!

This is not a movie for everyone, not only because of the extreme gore FX, but also because of the deep message underlying the story which is far from conventional. Don't be fooled by the DVD artwork, that looks like an ad for a campy and cheap film, even though the film is indeed "cheap" in the sense of the financial limitations of a "pink" japanese production. However, as proven by so many Hollywood disappointments, money is not the ingredient for an interesting and thought provoking film, which Naked Blood surely is.

Perhaps it is the lack of financial compromise which allows director Sato (like other japanese directors, especially "pink" directors) to present such a complex story (which seems like a simple one, but really isn't), filled with allegories, metaphors, and bizarre but beautiful images which are extreme indeed, but instrumental in the shock to the viewer sought after by the director. I believe that the essence of art is to leave a mark on those contemplating; any kind of mark, not only a pleasant or nice one, and this film really achieves that, by leaving a distinctive impression on the viewer, comparable perhaps to that of "Irreversible" or "Tetsuo", and even that of "Un chien andalou", the Bunuel masterpiece, which also sought to shock and unsettle the spectator. In that sense, Naked Blood is, in its very unusual and bizarre way, a masterpiece.

Starring: Misa Aika, Mika Kirihara, Yumika Hayashi, Tadao Abe Directed by: Hisayasu Sato
Special Features:
Photo Gallery, About the Director, Director's Filmography, Trailers, Reversible Cover Art Color - NTSC - Stereo - 76 Min - 1.85:1 Widescreen - Region 1 - 1995 - Unrated
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