Saturday, September 30, 2006

Subversive Cinema is proud to announce its upcoming release Future Kill!

"The OTHER Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Future Kill features TCM's Marilyn Burns and stars Edwin Neal (the Saw family's Hitch-hiker!) as the Mutant Leader "Splatter"!

A group of disgraced Texas University frat boys are given the opportunity to earn forgiveness by going inot the anarchic quarter of the city and abducting the leader of the Anti-Nuke Mutants, a subculture of punked-out, lawless youth protesting against nuclear growth.

But the group is attacked and their quarry killed by Splatter, a Mohawk-sporting Mutant whose face is hidden by metal body armor. Splatter is considered dangerously out of his mind even by his own kind! But now the Mutants believe the frat boys are responsible for killing the leader and are forced to flee through now-hostile territory-pursued by the Mutants and by Splatter!

You've seen its amazing H.R. Giger cover on the shelves of every mom and pop video store since its release in the '80s, now own it for the first time on DVD! The special edition features a brand new 16x9 widescreen transfer, full-length commentary with director Ronald Moore and star/co-producer/co-screenwriter Ed Neal, a making-of featurette, cast and crew bios, trailers and a reproduction of Giger's original artwork! A full package making this whacked-out release a must-have for horror and TCM fans alike!

Future Kill streets appropriately on October 31, 2006 at an SRP of $19.95.

Check out the official Subversive Cinema website at

Friday, September 22, 2006

PANIK HOUSE will be releasing the mother of all women-in-prison films: CHAINED HEAT!

This is the first time this title has been released on DVD in the USA, but we have restored all the material that has ever been cut, making our version the global definitive edition.

It's longer than any other version previously seen. It has extended nude scenes and crazy girl-on-girl action that nobody - and I mean NOBODY - has ever laid eyes on! Finally we can all throw away those parallel imports and low quality bootlegs, because this one is going to rock!

We're also releasing a deluxe edition of the follow-up RED HEAT, another WIP gem - also starring Linda Blair (this time with Emmanuelle's Sylvia Kristel).

But wait! There's more! We've got yet another new-to-DVD title, JUNGLE WARRIORS, an escape-from-jungle-hell film with Sybil Danning, Woody Strode and a cast of naked, kidknapped models. The version we'll be releasing has a ton of nudity that I certainly don't remember seeing on the old big-box VHS from my salad days as a video store clerk in the 80s. All are brand new transfers. All will be 16x9. All will kick major ass!

Matt Kennedy, head honcho of Panik House

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Bollywood Horror collection streets today!

Yes: today! You can order this preciosity at Amazon!

What you'll be buying? Simple: a double disc set of two classics of Indian Horror movies! Band Darwaza is the Indian version of Dracula. A childless woman visits the lair of an evil magician in order that she may conceive. When she gives birth top a baby girl the magician demands that she hand her over. She refuses and has the magician killed. Years later he is revived as a fully fledged member of the undead. He comes looking for the now teenage girl intending to make her his slave!

Purana Mandir tells of the ancient curse visited on an Indian king 200 years ago - all female members of his family will turn into hideous monsters and die in childbirth. The daughter of one of his descendents tries to put an end to the curse and travels to the ancient temple where it all began 200 years ago. What awaits her and her friends there is terror beyond their wildest nightmares. A classic of Indian horror that scared a generation and began the 80's Bollywood horror boom.

Special DVD Features

* Double disc set - 6 hours of scary fun!
* Documentary on South Asian Horror
* Featurette: Freddie, Jason and... Saamri
* Extensive notes and text essays
* Mondo Macabro preview trailer
* Removable English Subtitles
* Scene access

More YouTube madness now up: The Wild Wild World of Dick Randall - the
doc that first appeared on French Sex Murders is now up in three parts.

(Due to YouTube's image policy the vid is censored - for the full unedited version... get the DVD!)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Feature you creature at Creature Feature!

Hello Boys And Ghouls!

It's A Whole New Month And Time For Another Contest. This Month Make Your Own Homemade CREATURE FEATURE Sign And You Could Win Richard Elfman's Cult Classic
"The Forbidden Zone" On Dvd And Our Last Official Copy Of The CREATURE FEATURE Limited Edition EP.

You Can Use Anything: Cardboard, Markers, Printed Pictures, Paste, Drawings. This Has To Be A Real Physical Sign, Not A Computer Logo. Just Like How You Would Make A Sign For A Garage Sale Or Bake Sale. Anything Goes, Just Make Your Own CREATURE FEATURE Sign.

Then Take A Picture Of It (Yes, You Can Be In The Picture With It If You Want). Then Post The Picture Here As A Blog Comment. We'll Pick A Winner Saturday The 30th (09/30/06) @ Noon.

Be Creative And Have Fun Everybody!

P.S.: We Have Had Quite A Few People Asking Us If They Can Send Us The Signs When They Are Finished. YES, Of Course, We Would Love For You To Send Them To Us And We Will Decorate Our Studio With Them. They Will Adorn The Walls Forever. You Can Send Them To Our PO BOX At:

PO BOX 6606

Ventura, Ca 93006

Monday, September 11, 2006


Rapid Heart Pictures & and are proud to present prolific gay cult filmmaker David DeCoteau's latest diabolical experiment in extreme and provocative horror BEASTLY BOYZ, starring Sebastian Gacki, Emrey Wright, Dean Hrycan, Charlie Marsh, Andrew Butler, Valerie Murphy, Kyle Schwitek, Tyler Burrows and Neil William Hrabowy

Rachel, a beautiful young artist, is murdered at her secluded lake front house by a group of soulless killers. Enraged and shocked by his sister's senseless murder, Rachel's brother, Travis, vows to avenge her murder and punish her killers one by one - even if it costs him his soul.

"What makes BEASTLY BOYZ different from the other Rapid Heart features is that the tone is much stronger and vivid in terms of suspense and sensuality - much like the retro horror movies of the 70s and early 80s. With this label I want to satisfy a much broader horror movie audience who demand a much more intense and chilling film experience"
- David DeCoteau

Special Features:
. Limited Edition, only 5,000 Available. Signed by director David DeCoteau . Director's Commentary . Widescreen Presentation . Making of Featurette (69 mins) . Special Liner Notes by David DeCoteau . Original English Language Version . Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish . NTSC All Regions Playable Worldwide

MSRP: $19.99 Sale Price: $12.99
Release Date: October 2nd, 2006
Pre-Orders Now Available at

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Panik House Prepares More Pinky Violence.

About one month ago, Panik House's Head Honcho Matt Kennedy promised to announce something huge. Well the wait is over!

Panik House is entering into a production partnership with Synapse Films to release seven more films from the Toei vaults. Five proto-Pinky Violence films and two films of a new genre: Pinky Horror!

With the CasaNegra line in full swing and the Chained Heat films on the way, they needed to call in marines, so to speak, to handle the film transfers and over-all production on this latest crop of Pinky Violence titles, which have never before been released on DVD anywhere. And who better than Don May Jr. and Jerry Chandler from Synapse?

They've been looking for an excuse to work with Don on a project for about a decade (going back even before Matt's days at Blue Underground!) and these films have provided 'em with the perfect opportunity.

Which films you ask?

Let's start with the Pinky Horror titles first:

Edogawa Ranpo Zenshu: Kyofu Kikei Ningen; aka Horror Of The Malformed Men

This is the most notorious film in the history of Japanese cinema. It has been banned since it's release in 1969, and is the film that really cemented Teruo Ishii's reputation as a master in the art of transgressive filmmaking. All rhetoric aside, this is one of the true classics of the era.

Kaidan Hebi-onna; aka Snake Woman's Curse

This was the first of the Pinky Horror films released by Toei. It was helmed by master director Nobuo Nakagawa, who has been called the Japanese Hitchcock, and Akemi Negishi (Sex & Fury, Lady Snowblood) stars.

This brings us to the two series that served as the protypes of the Pinky Violence films and were the direct inspiration for Sex & Fury and just about every female protagonist film to follow. There's the three film Okatsu series, starring Junko Miyazuno, and the two Silver Butterfly films that launched icon of icons Meiko Kaji.

Here's a title list:

Yoen Dokufu Den : Hannya no Ohyaku; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Female Demon

Yoen Dokufu Den : Hitokiri Okatsu; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Quickdraw

Yoen Dokufu Den : Okatsu Kyojo Tabi; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Okatsu's Epic Journey

Gincho Wataridori; aka Wandering Ginza Butterfly
Gincho Nagaremono

Mesuneko Bakuchi; aka Wandering Ginza She-Cat Gambler

These films are beyond legendary, and have never been released on DVD. Some English titles may change by release date, but make no mistake that these films will be presented uncut in their original form - remastered for optimal viewing and listening enjoyment.

This particular crop of films has allowed Panik House to present two entire series (like they did with the two Inoshika Ocho films starring Reiko Ike), which was key in their decision to license them. Matt said: "I had chosen not to release the entire series of Girl Boss films because I felt that not all entries were as strong as Girl Boss Guerilla, but the two Butterfly films and the three Okatsu films are all really incredible movies, so it's not a case of licensing them just to release a whole series; these films rock!"

Additionally, these will not be issued as box sets, but instead as individual discs (possibly at the same time) affording the option of buying all at once or one at a time as your budget dictates.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

THE SLAUGHTER - Old School Gore, just what we've been missing after all those years!

In an old school camp-o-rama bloodfest, Sundance filmmaker Jay Lee, slashes, drowns, spears, rips, squishes and burns people in The Slaughter. When six college students take a job cleaning up an abandoned house their plans to work hard by day and play hard by night are interrupted when they awake an ancient evil demon.

H. P. Lovecraft, George Romero and Sam Raimi just to name a few of their heroes that we pay homage to in their film. For die hard SERIOUS horror and Zombie fans, please don't be offended. They're just having a good time.

Their film just had it's world premier at Another Hole in the Head festival in San Francisco and took 3rd place with the audiences. says, "Every once in a while you just have to have a good dose of B-Horror. Spotlight pictures latest offering The Slaughter fits the bill perfectly."

They plan to play festivals throughout the US (and hopefully a few internationally) so if you know of a good horror fest let em know! DVD releases (Halloween in the US and other areas TBD) coming soon.

Their team plans on making at least three more films within the next year so keep an eye out for the company site.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Kreepy and the Kookie Get-Together!

Say your prayers and lock your doors, because THE GHOULIGANS are here!

A modern day take on the 60’s horror comedies such as “The Munsters”, “Groovie Ghoulies” and “Mad Monster Party”, THE GHOULIGANS! follows the escapades of four mixed up monsters trying to make it in the real world.

THE GHOULIGANS! Has a very fun vibe. You laugh at the characters and with them, while enjoying the crazy cool soundtrack of vintage and modern Surf and Rockabilly varieties. Come on up and get down with THE GHOULIGANS! It’s “Animal House” meets “The Munsters”, they’re a real scream Daddy!

Wanna check 'em out, just like Michael Berryman did? Then go to their homepage at THE SLACK PACK - and bevare... take care!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hola from CasaNegra Entertainment!

Check out Casanegra's latest DVD releases!

Brainiac (aka - El Baron del Terror)

"A landmark in cult film history." - Rob Craig -

The year is 1661. Baron Vitelius (Abel Salazar) stands accused of consorting with the devil. The penalty: death. Cursing his inquisitors as they burn him at the stake, the Baron’s revenge comes 300 years later, in the form of a horrifying fork-tongued incarnation of the Baron, hellbent on devouring the brains of the descendents of those who killed him. As bodies pile up, the police become mystified. Who is draining the skulls of local call-girls and well-to-do banquet-goers alike? And, more importantly, how many flamethrowers will it take to stop him? Brainiac is the supernatural cult classic that has been beloved for decades by fans of spook-show matinees and late-night monster movie marathons.

Famously imported to the U.S. by exploitation icon K. Gordon Murray in the 1960s, Brainiac is at once lurid and loony, unnerving and uproarious, spellbinding and surreal.

CasaNegra is proud to present this milestone of Mexican cinema digitally remastered and uncut for the first time on DVD.
Special Features:
• Original Uncut Version
• Completely Re-Mastered Picture & Sound from Newly Restored Vault Elements
• Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish
• Essay: Keep Repeating, It’s only the Most Bizzare Horror Film Ever Made. By Casamiro Buenavista
• The Official Brainiac "Interactive" Press Kit
• Audio Commentary by Kirb Pheeler, Creator of the Brainiac Interactive Press Kit
• Original 1969 U.S. Theatrical Release Radio Spot
• Exclusive CasaNegra Loteria Card Game
• Cast and Crew Biographies
•Poster & Stills Gallery

The Black Pit of Dr. M (aka - Misterios de Ultratumba)

AKA Misterios de Ultratumba. By day, Dr. Mazali (Rafael Bertrand) runs an insane asylum. By night, he lashes out at the veil between this life and the next, desperate to contact his former partner, Dr. Harrison Aldeman (Jacinto Aldama), who was executed for a crime he did not commit. What follows is madness, tragedy, agonizing violence and the unrelenting horror of infinite damnation.

The Black Pit of Dr. M is a masterpiece of gothic filmmaking punctuated by shocking jolts and beautiful imagery that render it years ahead of its time. It is also a major accomplishment in chilling tone, unsettling atmosphere and wildly inventive storytelling.

CasaNegra is proud to present this much sought-after classic digitally remastered and uncut for the first time on DVD.
Special Features:
• Original Uncut Version
• Completely Re-Mastered Picture & Sound from Newly Restored Vault Elements
• Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish
• Photo Essay: Mexican Monsters Invade the U.S.
• Exclusive Black Pit of Dr. M Rock Video composed by 21st Century Art
• Biography on Director Fernando Mendez By Film Historian David Wilt
• Audio Commentary by IVTV founder Frank Coleman
• Exclusive CasaNegra Loteria Game Card
• Cast Biographies
• Original Theatrical Trailer
• Poster and Stills Gallery
Timo Rose's BARRICADE: Unrelenting horror to make you soil your pants!

Barricade is an action-horror film that tells the tale of three friends whose weekend camping trip to The Black Forest of Germany becomes a thrilling quest for survival when they run afoul a grotesque family of murderous, cannibalistic mountain people. Ted Geoghegan, Chief Operating Officer of Starving Kappa Pictures, Ltd., said: "Barricade is an unrelenting, violent journey into depravity and I simply cannot picture anyone but Timo [Rose] handling the material. Given the current gore-heavy horror market, this is a perfect time for one of Rose’s barbaric, blood-drenched projects to make its way into the international market."

A special effects-laden tale of survival horror, the production will break new ground for director Rose by becoming his first film released worldwide on DVD - projected for first quarter, 2007.

Based on a concept by Timo Rose, Barricade stars Raine Brown (Satan’s Playground), Joseph Zaso (Nikos), André Reissig (Lord of the Undead), Thomas Kercmar (Germaica - Ouzo, Stoff und Taschentücher), Manoush (Amelie), Andreas Pape (Das Unbezähmbare Herz), and Timo Rose, whose casting was previously announced.

The English-language screenplay is written by Rose and Ted Geoghegan (Demoniuim, Nikos). The producers are Rose, Geoghegan, Joseph Zaso and John Orth. Barricade’s original score is composed by John Roome, who has scored John Carpenter’s episode of Masters of Horror, Cigarette Burns.

Rosecalypse SFX is executing special effects make-up, gore, and digital effects under the direction of supervisor Timo Rose. Additional special visual effects were created under the direction of visual effects supervisor Olaf Ittenbach (Bloodrayne, aPostal). The director of photography is Mathias Jakubski (The Legend of Moonlight Mountain) and the head of Barricade’s advertising team is Jason Beam.

The official Barricade website is

Discotek excels on two Sogo Ishii DVDs: BURST CITY and ELECTRIC DRAGON 80,000 VOLTS

Sogo Ishii, with his mad mix of Godard sensibilities with the cyberpunk energy, has remained criminally ignored on R1 DVDs. So far, only his samurai epic Gojoe got a proper release... until now. Thanks to Discotek Media, now we can enjoy two of his best works.

Burst City (1982) was Ishii's first film with a budget, and it’s a bizarre amalgam of genres – part Mad Max, part Quadrophenia-like musical. In fact, many of the actors are actual members of real punk bands.

Electric Dragon 80,000 Volts (2001) is a recent effort. The plot, if there is one, revolves around the rivalry of two electrically attuned men, Thunderbolt Buddha (Masatoshi Nagase) and Dragon Eye Morrison (Tadanobu Asano). Electric Dragon is largely a free-form and an incredibly visually innovative film, truly like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Discotek has created the definitive package for this film, packing the disc with extras and including a complete soundtrack CD performed by Asano himself (the distributor says that they were sadly unable to acquire the rights to the Burst City soundtrack).

Friday, September 01, 2006

Paramount's new Special Editions - yes, DOUBLE DIPPIN´ TIME!

Paramount Home Entertainment is quickly becoming catalog release (and re-release) central.

September titles include the cult classic and bootleg favorite Let's Scare Jessica To Death (already out), as well as NEW Special Collector's Editions of Beavis & Butthead Do America, Cujo, David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone, Jackass The Movie - Unrated, Pet Sematary and Save the Last Dance - all due Sept. 29, specs still TBA.
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