Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pre-Order the Stuart Gordon Box Set!

Finally we have the Stuart Gordon Box Set import coming on September 12th!!!

This 4 DVD box set, that includes The Pit & The Pendulum, Castle Freak and Deathbed, is priced at $49.95 and also includes a real cool bonus DVD with many rare trailers as well as an in-depth interview with Stuart hosted by William Shatner! You'll be able to pre-order these soon at fullmoondirect.com!!!

The Full Moon Horror Road Show starts 2 weeks from Thursday!!! Can't wait to see you all there!!!!!! Tickets available at fullmoondirect.com!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Lionsgate gives us a longer punishment.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has sent more details regarding the upcoming The Punisher: Extended Cut. This extended version of the film - presented in anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and DTS-ES 6.1 Surround - will feature over 17 minutes of additional material worked back into the film. Bonus materials will include an audio commentary with director Jonathan Hensleigh, a making-of featurette, The Punisher Comic Book Gallery (featuring select past and present comic book covers), downloadable ringtones and digital comic books for cell phones.

Also included in the set is the never-before-seen "Animated Kuwait Deleted Scene." Originally slated to open the film, this scene was never shot and, in a groundbreaking DVD first, audiences finally will be able to enjoy this scene recreated in animated form and starring Thomas Jane and Russell Andrews. Retail will be $19.98.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

John Zaffis and the late Ed Warren.

R.I.P. ghost hunter Ed Warren

Ed Warren, who along with his wife pursued the unusual career of ghost hunter and whose cases included what would become the basis for "The Amityville Horror," died Wednesday at his home in Monroe, Conn. He was 79.

In the last five years, poor health had kept him housebound. In March 2001, he got up during the night to let the cat in and collapsed on the floor. Paramedics restarted his heart, but he was in a coma for 11 weeks and never regained his speech.

Warren grew up in Bridgeport, Conn., in a house he thought was haunted. He firmly believed in ghosts, demons and other unworldly creatures — and in helping people deal with unwanted visitations. He would answer the phone at all hours to counsel panicked homeowners from across the country who couldn't find anyone else to advise them when they said their furniture started flying.

"Most people snicker," Tony Spera, the Warrens' son-in-law, told the Hartford Courant this week. "But if it happens to you and you know it is real, it is frightening."

Warren, who called himself a religious demonologist, is also survived by his wife, Lorraine; a daughter, Judy Spera; two grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. During their 61-year marriage and partnership, the Warrens investigated more than 10,000 suspected hauntings in the U.S., Japan, Australia and Europe.

Although the Warrens didn't ask for compensation for their ghost busting, they made a living on the college lecture circuit talking about the supernatural and paranormal activity. The subject of their most famous investigation — and most requested lecture — was the reported psychic disturbances at a house in Amityville, N.Y., where a family was brutally murdered in 1974.

The story became the basis for Jay Anson's 1977 book "The Amityville Horror" as well as the 1979 film of the same name. The Warrens were consultants for the 1982 film "Amityville II: The Possession." Steven Novella, a Yale neurologist involved with the New England Skeptical Society, disputed the Warrens' claims about haunted events that followed the real murders at the Long Island house.

"The people who lived in the house, and their lawyer, all admitted that it was an elaborate hoax, but to this day Ed Warren believes it was a legitimate haunting," Novella said in 1999. That same year Warren said, "If anyone can prove it was a hoax, I will give them $3,000. No one has been able to disprove the story."

Friday, August 25, 2006

BLIND BEAST VS. KILLER DWARF and SCREWED hits the market, courtesy of Panik House!

Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf (2001, Japan)

"Teruo Ishii is a fantastic director, a great director! I love Teruo Ishii." - Quentin Tarantino


When prolific Japanese Cult Director Teruo Ishii passed away in 2005, BLIND BEAST VS. KILER DWARF became his epitaph. This film stands as the culmination of his life’s work and includes the bizarre and shocking excesses that one can come to expect from the director of FEMALE YAKUZA TALE: naked Japanese girls and lots of blood! Throw into the mix the deranged, depraved and deformed and you’re starting to get the picture. Borne of a lifelong obsession with the writings of Edogawa Rampo, Teruo Ishii ‘s swan song is a veritable circus of the insane.

PANIK HOUSE is proud to present BLIND BEAST VS. KILLER DWARF in the director’s final, approved edition – sparing none of its macabre sex or over-the-top violence!

Screwed (1998, Japan)

“Asano is something of a director’s fantasy; he can look tough and threatening or sensitive and delicate in equal measure.” - Initerview

What do you get when you bring together the King of Cult Movie Directors, the King of Underground Comic Books and the King of Independent Cinema? You get SCREWED! Long considered the primary force in the cinema of transgression, Director Teruo Ishii serves up a fever dream of psychedelic sexuality and hyperbolic insanity that could only come from the mind of Japanese Manga God Yoshiharu Tsuge. Tadanobu Asano (Ichi The Killer) stars in this sexy, bizarre, and hypnotic adaptation of Neji-shiki (Wind-Up Type) that helped establish his position in the firmament of Asian and global cinema.

PANIK HOUSE is proud to present SCREWED in a newly restored edition of the unedited director’s cut. You have been warned!

Oh, and do we really need to tell you that both DVDs are jam-packed with extras? It's Panik House, dammit! Click the covers and links to see the specs.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Finalized specs have arrived for Warner Home Video's release of the Stephen King anthology Nightmares & Dreamscapes. Due on October 24th, the TNT mini-series arrives as a three-disc set with 1.78 anamorphic widescreen transfers and a Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Bonus materials will include Interviews With the Series Stars, "Behind the Drama of Nightmares & Dreamscapes from the Stories of Stephen King," "From the Mind of Stephen King," "Page To Picture," "The Inside Look" and "Battleground: Special Effects" making-of featurettes. Retail will be $39.92.

Blue Underground will release a new two-disc Special Edition of Harry Kümel's 1971 psychosexual shocker Daughters Of Darkness on October 31st. Featuring a newly remastered 1.66:1 anamorphic transfer from a hi-def master, the film arrives in its unrated Director's Cut with Dolby Digital Mono audio, a commentary track with Kümel, a second track with star John Karlen and journalist David Del Valle, "Locations Of Darkness" interviews with Kümel and cowriter/coproducer Pierre Drouot, "Playing The Victim" interview with actress Danielle Ouimet, "Daughter Of Darkness" interview with actress Andrea Rau, theatrical trailer, radio spots and poster & still galleries. Also included is a bonus disc featuring Vicente Aranda's The Blood Spattered Bride in 1.85:1 anamorphic. Retail is $29.95.

Brentwood Home Video will release Galaxina: 25th Anniversary Special Edition on August 22nd. Playmate Dorothy Stratten, in her final full screen role, is the galaxy's most perfect robot in the silly, shoestring sci-fi spoof of better films Star Wars and Alien. The DVD arrives with a 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer of the international cut, an audio commentary with director William Sachs and actor Stephen Macht, a production interview with Sachs, a still gallery, a text gallery (featuring article reprints from SFQ, Starlog and Fangoria Magazines), storyboards, trailers, the original and shooting scripts via DVD-ROM materials and a 20-page booklet. Retail is $19.98.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Salvation comes to your TV!

Nope, I'm not talking about them damn televangelists. In fact, I'm sure they wouldn't even approve the newly created SALVATIONTV.COM, a new Internet Broadband Channel full of some of the finest examples of Euro sleaze horror ever, made including Jean Rollin's classic Requiem for a Vampire, Sacred Flesh, Nude for Satan and the amazing Italian Satanic epic Black Magic Rites. All accompanied by newly created programming featuring members of the Satanic Sluts, vampyric lesbian blood orgies, nympho, devil worshipping nuns, gas-masked eroticism, Nazi psycho-death-sex-cruelty-loving she-bitches... in our usual mixture of family fare and high morals!

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and updated every month, SALVATIONTV.COM is full to overflowing with blood, blasphemy and breasts... along with the occasional feature on beard grooming techniques among the Taliban.

At just £10 per month (or your currency equivalent) it's cheaper than crack or coke, more fun than self harming, more hygienic than rimming your local priest and less messy than group sex! In fact it's only slightly less pleasurable than consuming vast amounts of cookies dipped in chocolate spread while watching famine documentaries and masturbating... To subscribe simply focus all of your remaining brain cells on getting your fingers to type SALVATIONTV.COM into the address bar above and wait for a visual and audio onslaught!!


Bloody kisses and inappropriate fondling,
Redemption Films

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Big news for you Dust Devil fans out there.

Wendy leaves her husband, taking off into the voids of Africa. She picks up a hitchhiker, a traveling serial killer who snaps photos of his victims before killing them. Wendy does not realize the danger she is in until a police detective arrives to warn her that her "companion" is something much worse than just a killer-he is a shape-shifting demon who steals his victims' souls. Soon both the officer and Wendy become the next intended victims of the Dust Devil.

Subversive Cinema's upcoming September release of DUST DEVIL: The Final Cut is shaping up to be a FOUR-DISC boxed set, and will include a brand new HI DEF 16:9 widescreen transfer of the complete film. This is not the same transfer used for the new British release, which was taken from a 2001 standard definition transfer.

Also, they have a new commentary track that is exclusive to Subversive, and not the same as the one on the British release.

The official Subversive Cinema site - www.subversivecinema.com - has new screen grabs from the upcoming Dust Devil: The Final Cut! Specs for the disk set are as follows, from Norm Hill himself:

"I have just seen the new Hi Def 16×9 transfer of Dust Devil: The Final Cut and it is simply stunning. Not a mark or scratch anywhere. The film has such an amazing depth of field that the new sparkling colors image quality create an almost a 3-D like impression. Even the colorist at the lab could not believe the transfer.

The DVD set is going to be limited to one pressing only, 10,000 pieces and then it is gone. Period, no more.

The final disc set will include the following:

Disc One:
DUST DEVIL: THE FINAL CUT: 107 min Hi-Def transfer, 16×9 widescreen
(1.85:1). Transfer approved by Richard Stanley.
5.1 mix
2.0 Dolby Stereo mix
Commentary with Richard Stanley and Norman Hill
Richard Stanley Production diaries on the Making of Dust Devil
Featurette: A Demon Reborn: The Final Dust Devil
Bonus disc CD: DUST DEVIL original soundtrack by Simon Boswell

Disc Two:
A reconstruction of the Work Print release, time approx. 114 minutes, non
anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1)
2.0 stereo mix

Disc Three:
VOICE OF THE MOON: documentary on Afghanistan
commentary with Richard Stanley and Norman Hill
THE WHITE DARKNESS: documentary on Haitian Voodoo
commentary with Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley Production diaries on the Making of The White Darkness

Disc Four:
THE SECRET GLORY: documentary on the search for the Holy Grail and the
neo-Nazi movement.
commentary with Richard Stanley and Norman Hill
Richard Stanley Production diaries on the Making of The Secret Glory

The entire package is a ridiculously low retail price of $29.95 and streets
September 26, 2006.

So there you go... If you pride yourself as a true Dust Devil fan - and what Hardware fan out there is not? - it's obvious that this Dust Devil: The Final Cut will be the edition to buy.

Now it's just a matter of holding your breath until September...

Friday, August 18, 2006

More Dangerous Toys From Charles Band!

The Puppetmaster resin statues are almost here! These are the first shots of them along with the Bronze Six Shooter road show special!!! We expect our shipment in by September 12th!!! Evil Bong replica photos coming soon!!!



"Mark Savage is the undiscovered dark prince of perverse cinema down under." - Reed Ostler, Fatal Frames Magazine.

A collection of the most savagely erotic, controversial and violent films ever made!

This amazing collection of films from Australian filmmaker Mark Savage will have even the most jaded fan's jaw on the floor. This exclusive 3-disk set includes the intense Defenseless, Marauders and Sensitive New Age Killer, as well as plenty of extras, commentaries, featurettes and deleted scenes - over 260 minutes total!

A limited edition four-disk set will also include Savage's early Super-8 films and the half-hour short Stained!

"The bloody, the erotic, the action-packed and the downright weird. Mark Savage has it all under control." - Bert Foley, Crimson Screen Magazine.

Streeting on August 29, 2006, Savage Sinema has a pre-book date of August 11, with an S.R.P. of $29.95.

Monday, August 14, 2006


An ordinary man is abducted by malevolent aliens and turned into a drilling and killing machine. The aliens now are his master, and they tell him what to do. He drills and kills through sex charged teens, a lost rock band, and pretty much anyone else in his way. His puppet masters have a bigger plan for him, his mission is to end the human race. DRILLER is inspired by Italian splatter films, 1980s slasher, and 1950s creature feature sci-fi freakout.

DRILLER is a Sci-fi Horror feature film written & directed by Jason Kartalian, starring Horror vixen Tanya Dempsey, and featuring breathtaking creature effects by Joe Castro. It was filmed around Los Angeles in the High Def format. This is Kartalian's second feature. “DRILLER is a result of some very talented people going for it," says Kartalian. This independently made film has both urban and rural settings. It boasts some highly impressive CGI effects, large scale interior alien spaceship sequences and all sorts of creepy aliens and monsters. The feature film has also inspired the creation of a graphic novel.

All sorts of info at www.drillermovie.com

Sunday, August 13, 2006

THE JINN is out of the bottle.

Actress, Juliet Howard has been taken hostage by a gang of rebels lead by outcast, Puck Victorious.

Holed up in an abandoned ranch their plans are thwarted when the caretaker of the land, Ahmad, returns home at dusk.

Soon Ahmad fills their heads with tales of the jinn that inhabit the land, slaughtering those that wander after dark.

THE LEGEND OF THE JINN: The jinn were created from a smokeless flame of fire.

In Arabian and Muslim folklore jinns are ugly and evil demons having supernatural powers which they can bestow upon persons having no powers to call on them.

In Islam, jinns are fiery spirits (Qur'an 55.15) particularly associated with the desert.

More info at: http://www.newmotionpictures.com/
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