Monday, January 14, 2008

CRAIG: A little loneliness can be hazardous...

Craig is a pathethic schlob whom we first encounter in a police station, questioned about the fire we saw during the opening credits. Turns out the fire in his house killed both of his parents and a sister. He’s mad at the investigators for inquiring into his whereabouts, and just plain storms out of their office. The police is too sensitive about his personal loss to insist on the procedure, so they let him go. “We always know where to find him”, they reason.

We learn that Craig has some psychological problems. He goes to a psychologist and tries to tell her about it, but she cuts him in mid-sentence. He pays a hooker. Hell, even the neighbor’s 6-year old son shows him the middle finger. Nobody likes Craig, for some reason. So he does the most natural thing: he throws out the hooker, naked (followed by her clothes), only to run after her and kill her in a dark alley.

Her dead body attracts the police. The same two guys from the beginning. It seems that they are the only defense against chaos and anarchy in the entire city. And they don’t even look particularly competent. That’s what enables Craig to kill several more people before they even begin to suspect him.


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